The Beasts of the Shadows

Cut Scene! Part 01

The scene opens up the a dimly lit but well furnished room. The walls are covered in paintings and other decorations, the windows have elegant curtains of fine fabric currently drawn close, and the would be cold wood floor has a carpet of gold and red patterns to protect one’s bare feet. In the center of this room is a bed large enough for three grown adults to all lay comfortably, but there is only one sole man laying peacefully in the center of the over-sized mattress. The man is fairly young in appearance with coal black hair framing his facing. A few hand servants tend to his bedside as he slumbers, murmuring to themselves their own gossip.

A woman enters the room. A white fox stole lies draped over her shoulder.

“Any change?” her voice cuts through the silence with authority.

“No m’lady,” one of the servants replies quickly. “He has not woken.”

“Keep him alive. We’ll need him soon.”

She turns and leaves and the servants pretend to busy themselves more, flustered by her appearance. As the scene begins to fade to black a ring can be seen on the nightstand that has some sort of symbol on it…. A rose?



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