The Beasts of the Shadows


From this day forth the group will be known as the Westcrown Resurrection Alliance!

Freedom Cry

This song made me think of you guys. :-) I figured I would share it.

Journal has been updated!
Sidequests, ho!

Fiosa: One of her friends, a freed halfling, has suddenly gone missing. And a man known as “The Slaver” has recently come back into town. As his name implies, he likes to round up “unattached” halflings and sell them as slaves in other cities. He works at dusk.
Our brave heroes successfully snuck aboard The Slaver’s ship, vanquished him and his crew, and rescued the kidnapped halflings—including Fiosa, who had gone off on her own to try to handle the problem. Huzzah! Sidequest complete!

Tarvi: There’s been a string of nighttime break-ins and robberies hitting the small shops in the middle of the city lately. While Tarvi’s family’s shop, the Glitter Palace, has not been hit yet, she still fears that they’re on borrowed time. And despite all her studies, Tarvi hasn’t managed to successfully cast any warding spells yet.

Yakopulio/Faewyn (?): Y’know those Shadow Beasts that have been terrorizing the citizens and keeping them indoors at night? Well, apparently they can been killed, because someone’s been offering a 100 gold bounty for each Shadow Beast corpse brought to them. Either that, or they’re just bored and wanting to see if any foolhardy hunters manage to get themselves entertainingly killed. If the PCs are interested they can come to the Bruised Eel to find out more.


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