Children of Westcrown

The roll-call for the group that Arael and Janiven have asked the PCs to join is as follows:

Amaya: Incredibly beautiful human female whose profession is a glassblower. She longs to travel.

Erikson: This human male is defined by being as muscular as he is kind. The calluses on his hands show the toils of labor. He walks with a slight limp.

Fiosa: A female halfling whose servant garb marks her as being a part of the unfortunate lower class. Her passion and smile are an encouragement to the group.

Gorvio: This young human works with his uncle, Jacovo, at one of the stables of Westcrown. His brilliant amber eyes set him apart from the rest.

Larko: Making a living as a simple dock worker, this human has his eyes set on the wilds outside the walls. The stereotypical “strong and silent” type, he is a man of few words. Status: Deceased. Killed by the Hellknights

Mathaleen: Recently fired from her job as a porter, this thin and wiry woman views the group as her new calling in life.

Rizzardo: Having been stuck in Westcrown for years due to lack of money this laborer for hire is known for his temper and impatience.

Vitti: This man with green hair is also known for his green thumb and knack with woodcarving.

Sclavo: A soft-spoken man whose faith in Iomedae is unshakable. He was once a scribe for the Westcrown courts, until his attempts at trying to change the government from within failed and left him with nothing.

Tarvi: The daughter of the owners of the Glitter Palace, she views the work as too dull and boring for her own good. Her parents have attempted, and failed repeatedly, to marry her into the noble Rosala line.

Yakopulio/Faewyn: The least religious of the group, she wears her lack of faith almost as a badge of honor. This gnome works as a bartender for the Bruised Eel.

Children of Westcrown

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